An Invite that Changed Three Families

The Ripples of an Invite

In 2016, a Willow Creek junior high student named Abby took a risk and invited her friend Emily to Pineapple Mayhem. Emily said yes, but what would unfold in the years following was beyond Abby's wildest imagination. 

Emily began attending Willow regularly, and her family followed suit. In June 2017, Emily entered into a relationship with Jesus and decided to make her faith public through Baptism. Her parents, Joy and Alvin, decided to get baptized that November, changing the core foundation of their family. They invited their family friend Tori to Willow, and she was baptized along with her sister, Bella, in June 2018.

Emily’s younger sister, Amanda, saw the way their family was changed by Abby's invite, so she, too, decided to take a risk and invite a friend named Deja to Elevate’s outreach event. Deja said yes.

In the months that followed, Deja’s parents, Latrina and David, began attending Willow and came to know Christ. They were baptized in November 2018.

Entire families were transformed because of the courage of one junior high student, and now each has found faith in Christ and a place to use their gifts to serve others.

Emily and Amanda both serve in AWANA, and their parents serve on the Elevate Core team. Tori serves as a small-group leader in Elevate, and Latrina and David are serving at Pineapple Mayhem this March.

As both Baptism and Pineapple Mayhem approach, consider whom you can invite to volunteer or join you for a church service.  

Learn more about Baptism here, learn more about Pineapple Mayhem here, and sign up to serve at Willow here.

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