A Place to Use Your Gifts & Talents

A Place to Use Your Gifts and Talents

At Willow, we believe you matter—and your gifts and talents were given by God to bless our community and world. Whether you're skilled in a specific trade or you're passionate about a particular area of service, there is a part for you to play in bringing God's kingdom to earth.

"Scripture talks about the church being a body composed of many parts," says Steve Gillen. "Each one is equally important, and each one needs the other. We get to live out the beauty of the church by modeling the life of Jesus and using what He has given us to serve others. Throughout the week, prayerfully ask God how He might want to use your gifts and talents to share the love of Christ."

Thousands volunteer each week at Willow on the kids and students ministry teams, in Guest Experience, and in the Care Center, but some volunteer roles have come about in more unique ways:

  • Heather is an editor and uses her skills to serve the Willow Global team by editing blogs and content for Celebration of Hope.
  • Nick and Carmen both own elevator repair companies. Together, they use their skills to repair the elevators at Willow.
  • Steve lost his mom to cancer when he was a teenager. He now serves in REBUILD, walking alongside teens who have experienced loss in their lives.
This weekend, we continue Journey Through John as Danielle Strickland unpacks the story of Jesus washing His disciples' feet. Services will also share the stories of more volunteers who are reflecting the heart of Jesus to those around them.

You can discover the ways God has uniquely gifted you at the Discover Your Spiritual Gifts workshop at 7 p.m. this Wednesday, February 13, or simply fill out this form and tell us what you're passionate about!

Make Your Faith Public

God is on the move in our church, healing and transforming lives, mending relationships, and revealing His grace to people–with many accepting Christ for the first time. On March 2 & 3, we celebrate those who are making their faith public through Baptism.

If you've decided to follow Jesus but have not been baptized, consider doing so during these services! Learn more and register here.

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