Willow Weekly, 12/5 | A Forward Vision

A Forward Vision

This weekend, December 9/10,Executive Pastor Heather Larson and Teaching Pastor Steve Carter will unpack our 2018 vision for Willow Creek. "We are asking God to do immeasurably more in our church over the next year," says Heather. "I believe He is leading us to focus on three core values: We will fight for every Willow family, call out the best in every Christ follower, and risk boldly to reach our friends who are far from God." 

Come this weekend to learn key components of this vision and discover ways you can play a part in moving Willow forward. "If you consider yourself part of Willow's core, you don't want to miss this service," says Senior Pastor Bill Hybels. "It will take every one of us to bring Willow into its fantastic future, and it starts this weekend! I am looking forward to being part of this weekend with you."


Beyond Prison Packs

Last weekend, all eight Willow Creek locations, along with our kids and student ministries, assembled more than 71,500 prison packs, which will be delivered to every inmate in Illinois this week! "Please pray for all those who will receive a prison pack," says Heather. "Many inmates have said this is the highlight of the year, and we hope God uses it to reveal His love to them!"

Willow Creek's Prison, Jail, and Re-Entry Ministry provides ongoing support to those in prison and their families by connecting passionate volunteers with serving opportunities. Consider going beyond Prison Pack Weekend by serving or learning more about the injustices facing our nation:

  • Get involved: Discover ways you can volunteer in the Prison, Jail, and Re-Entry Ministry by being a pen pal, visiting those in prison, or helping with the re-entry process. Sign up here!
  • Learn: Bryan Stevenson founded the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) to help the wrongfully convicted and empower agents of change. EJI Racial Justice Fellow Gabrielle Daniels unpacks the narratives that have shaped our modern-day penal system at a Mosaic workshop at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, December 6, in Guest Central.
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