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Beginning a New Chapter

Last weekend, Executive Pastor Heather Larson, Teaching Pastor Steve Carter, and Senior Pastor Bill Hybels unpacked the 2017 Year-End Fund, which will fuel Willow Creek's 2018 vision. "Coming out of anniversary weekend, we had so many in our church looking to help move Willow forward," says Heather. "God began stirring a vision in our hearts and we have been asking Him to do immeasurably more in our church. This Year-End Fund will fuel us to fight for every Willow family, call out the best in every Christ follower, and risk boldly to reach our friends who are far from God."

The Forward vision focuses on our families, our church, and the world around us. "I believe people's lives would be better if Jesus was at the center, and we will create new workshops, ministries, digital tools, spaces, and connection points to help you grow in your faith and invite others to experience the life-changing love of God," says Steve.

The 42nd anniversary and Forward vision begin a new chapter in Willow's history. "Chapter 1, from 1975–2000, was marked by sacrifice, evangelism, and volunteerism. We were young, but we were all in!" says Bill. "Chapter 2, from 2000–2017, was marked by generosity, compassion and justice, and growth. We grew up in Chapter 2 and solidified our values as a church. Now, we stand at the start of Chapter 3. Will you be fully committed as a founder of this next era? God birthed this church and sustained it; I have no doubt that God will be faithful and do His part. Will you do yours? I urge you to serve, lead, and give with your full heart so that Chapter 3 will give God more glory than the first two chapters combined."

Click here to discover the goals of the Forward vision and what your giving supports!

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