Posture that changes worship

When you hear the word worship, what comes to mind? Lifting hands? Singing? Guitar melodies and rhythmic words? 


Over the next two weeks of our We Are Here series, we’ll explore the heart of worship and how it shapes us as individuals and as a church family. “Worship through singing gives us an opportunity to direct our attention to our loving Father,” says Tracy Stingley, Willow’s music director. “We praise Him for who He is and what He has done—and we can turn song lyrics into prayers of faith.”


Worship is more than just the songs we sing at church—it’s a way of life. “I love to praise God through music,” continues Tracy, “but worship is really about our posture. Does the daily position of our hearts, our hands, our thoughts, and our attitudes give glory to God? That’s true worship!” This weekend, services will include a time of learning about postures and practices of worship to help you connect with God. 


Open your heart and mind to engage in worship in new ways, and take advantage of upcoming opportunities to help you take your worship experience to the next level: 

  • August 24/25: Megan Marshman brings a message called “All for One” about bringing our whole selves to God. 

  • August 24/25: Fatai leads worship after each service in the Atrium

  • August 28: The worship team leads worship and teaching at Midweek

  • August 31/September 1: Eugene Cho brings part two of “Here to Worship” with teaching on the Holy Spirit’s role in worship

  • September 4: All-worship night at Midweek

  • September 15: Try worshiping in a new way at the Practice, a liturgy-based service

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