May God have His way

May God have His way

Last week was one of transition for our church. It was a difficult week, yet God's peace and presence was tangible. Steve Gillen moved from his role as North Shore lead pastor to serve as acting senior pastor to help navigate the season ahead. He brought a message from 1 Peter during services August 11/12, urging the congregation to fix their eyes on Jesus, invite the presence of God to transform our church, and display hope and love at all times.

"I believe to the core of my being that God wants to change us for the better. If we allow Him to, I think He will have His way," says Steve. "My prayer is that years from now, we can look back on our darkest days and say, 'God had His way. He carried us, He cared for us, He healed us, and He made us better.' And He gets all the credit when that happens."

Watch the full service on Willow Creek TV, and join us this weekend, August 18/19, as Steve brings another message.

Our students are seeking God's plan

God is moving in the hearts of our students—and they are responding through prayer on behalf of our church.

Last week, more than 75 Willow teenagers came together to worship and seek God at a gathering they orchestrated on their own. "We believe there is power in this generation, and we have the potential to make a difference," says Dave, a senior in Student Impact. "We closed our gathering by singing 'How Great is Our God' to show that even in darkness, our God is moving and working through us for a brighter day. We want to acknowledge the true goodness of our God."

Willow's kids and student ministries want to help kids and students of all ages discover God's love and who He created them to be. "We believe God can, and will, use students to build the church," says Director of Student Ministries Scott Rubin. "Our fall launch is just the beginning. Please commit to bringing your family. Who knows what God might do through them?" 

Fall launch

This weekend, August 18/19, is the fall launch of Promiseland, Elevate, and Impact. Put this weekend in ink—and help your children kick off the school year with a strong foundation of community. 

  • Promiseland (infants–grade 5), all services: It's move-up weekend! Kids are invited to join the room for the grade they are beginning this fall. Learn more here.
  • Elevate (grades 6–8), all services: Small groups are back in session. Learn more here.
  • Impact (grades 9–12), 11:15 a.m., Sundays: House groups and small groups launch this weekend, giving teenagers the opportunity to connect with others who live near them. Learn more here.
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