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Michael Jr. Returns to Willow

This weekend, comedian Michael Jr. returns to Willow with a message that is sure to stir up laughter—and stir your heart. Michael Jr. believes that comedy can bring joy as well as help people discover deeper meaning. And for him, it's all rooted in knowing the why behind what we do. "People know that I do comedy, but that's what I do," he says. "My why is to inspire people to walk in purpose."

Michael Jr.'s comedy has brought him to churches, prisons, late-night TV, and comedy-club stages across the world, blessing people with the gift of laughter and inspiring them to live fully in the gifts God has given them. "When you know your why, your what becomes more impactful, because you're walking towards, or in, your purpose," he says.

Invite family and friends to enjoy this weekend's message—and come ready to be filled up with joy!

Want more laughs?
Michael Jr. continues his In the Moment comedy tour with a full show Sunday night at Willow. Click here
 to learn more about his show and purchase tickets. 

Find Community at GroupLaunch

We want to make it easy for you to find a small group at GroupLaunch! Attend a one-night gathering this Wednesday, April 24, and we’ll help you meet small-group leaders and others from your neighborhood or season of life to form a new group. 

Here's how others found the experience and connection at our first GroupLaunch in January:

I really enjoyed having options. In today’s world with so many responsibilities, it’s nice to see the flexibility in different groups when choosing a day and time.

I brought a friend who is exploring faith to GroupLaunch with me. It helped me get connected, and my friend even wanted to join a small group! I've attended Willow since 1997, and this has been the best outreach.

All the people in our GroupLaunch group lived within a five-minute radius of us! Our group quickly bonded even though the 20 of us had never met before. We have all ages ranging from a single lady in her late sixties to a young single mom and her two kids, a family from Cameroon, and a Lithuanian family. Truly the only thing many of us have in common is our hunger for God and our desire to grow closer together and seek to live out Acts 2:42. 

Find a community near you and see what God might do through the relationships you build at GroupLaunch. Register in advance here.


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