The Power of a Seed Pack

Learn how one teacher—and his entire school—was transformed by a seed pack.

Best Chishimba is a 25 year old teacher who volunteers at Ubusomboshi (meaning vineyard) Community School in Mapalo. The school doesn't pay him a salary but once in a while give him an allowance to encourage him. He has been passionate about teaching kids since he was in the 7th grade and helped teach a Sunday school class at church. He hasn't slowed down since then because of his conviction to make education available to everyone, especially kids in under-resourced communities.

Best is no stranger to difficult situations. He has been gardening since he was in 8th grade and used it as a means to pay his way through high school. He is now teaching his students to do gardening work on the school grounds. On Saturdays, he often extends an invitation to his 25 students to help out with the garden and he gives them a little money to encourage them. He said the money isn’t the motivation for most of the kids. They come because they are amazed that the little seedlings they plant eventually matures into a large, fresh cabbage that they can sell to people in the communities for about 50 cents.

The cabbages were planted in December and they have sold 300 of the 340 cabbages. He is amazed at how God has blessed such a noble idea. His favorite vegetable is Kale but he loves to cook cabbage and have it with Nshima (Zambia’s staple food). Best believes in his kids. In the few hours I spent with him, I could see his deep desire to see them reach their full potential. He told me there is no replacing the looks on their faces each morning and that keeps him motivated and reminded that there is nothing he’d rather be doing but teaching these future leaders of tomorrow.

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