Willow Enews: Celebration of Hope Begins!

Dear Willow,

This has been a difficult week with the news of Bill’s early retirement. The marching orders I’ve heard in my chair time over the past few weeks have been to simply honor Christ and pastor our congregation. So that’s what we’re going to do. We will learn from this, we will grow closer to Christ through this, and we will continue to address any concerns head-on. Let’s keep gathering together to rally around Christ through worship and the Scriptures at our weekend services. 

This weekend kicks off Celebration of Hope. When I first moved here, people would always say, “Willow is at its very best during Celebration of Hope.” After my first COH, I could see why! When you enter the lobby, it’s jam-packed with interactive displays detailing the incredible work of our global partner ministries, as well as opportunities to learn about the plight of the poor and the amazing ways people around the world are overcoming injustice. 

Then, as you walk into our auditorium, you'll see we have designed the services to lift up this deeply held value. You will hear from Oscar Muriu, senior pastor of Nairobi Chapel, a church that started with just 20 people but now reaches thousands. I heard him teach for the first time 10 years ago, and his words deeply shaped my biblical understanding of how the church must respond to global poverty. He is a pastor, an amazing leader, and a dear friend to Willow. 

Please start planning now to join us for seed packing next weekend, April 20–22. It will take almost every person in our church to pull off our goal of filling one million seed packs in one weekend. For our global partners, this simple act has profound significance. You can sign up here.

And don't forget that the following weekend, April 28, is our Willow Creek 5K for kids. 

I can’t wait to see how God shapes our hearts and uses us to bless others through Celebration of Hope. 


Steve Carter
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