A Special Friends Journey Through John

Mikaela playing Belle in the Special Friends production of Beauty and the Beast.
Mikaela in the Special Friends Journey through John small group.
The Special Friends teens and adults gather every Wednesday to study the Journey through John.

Hi! My name is Mikaela Graver, and I am 17 years old. You might know me from playing Belle in the Special Friends production of Beauty and the Beast. I have also been in Aladdin, The Lion King Jr., and Mary Poppins Jr.

I figure skate as well. I skate at the Crystal Ice House in Crystal Lake. I have been ice skating for 12 years, and I love it.


1. What has it been like to go through the Journey study with your small group?

It has been fun going through the Journey Through John with Special Friends. Whenever I am in Special Friends with Pastor Paul, it is always so clear what the story is about. First, we go around the circle, and everyone says how their week was. Then we talk about the Bible story for that week and watch a short video of the Bible story. To me, the video and Pastor Paul’s teaching have been a big help to figure out what the Bible story is about.

We are given questions to take home and answer for the next class. Then at the next class, we talk about what the answers are and why we picked the answers we chose. The best part of this experience is hanging out with my friends and learning the Bible at the same time.


2. What has been your favorite passage of Scripture to study and why?

My favorite passage through this whole Bible study is John 6: 1-15 because I can connect very well to the story, and I have strong feelings about this Bible verse. If I had to get rid of my lunch and feed 5,000 people, I would be very grateful and feel very inspired. I feel like I would be the kind of person to help people who need food. I would give them mac and cheese. I think they would go back for seconds!


3. What was the hardest part of the study?

The hardest part about the study has been trying to express my answers to some of the questions. Most of the time, I can answer them, but I don’t have answers for some of them. The others in the group never make me feel bad if I don’t have the answer.


4. How has the Journey study changed the way you spend time with God?

The way I spend more time with God during the Journey Through John is by praying and worshipping more. It is helpful to go over these passages with Pastor Paul because he explains things to us.


5. What did God teach you?

The things that God has taught me through the Journey Through John is that I should be thankful for what I have and not complain so much about what I don’t have. The best thing I have is a group of friends who really want to learn about the Bible and think about the Bible story really hard. Everyone in the group also listens to everyone else’s answers, and no one gives the others a hard time. My friends are very nice and funny, and I am thankful for them.

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