Ministry Highlight: Putting faith into practice

What started as an experimental service has transformed into a place where the Willow community can experience the unforced rhythms of grace through practice-based experiences. On Sunday nights in the chapel, the Practice gathers around the Communion table.

At each gathering, people are invited to slow down and ask God to speak to them through active worship experiences. “I didn’t grow up with this type of church service,” says Josue. “But the Practice message about listening prayers stuck with me. The spiritual practices encourage you to make space—to move out of the way and allow God to speak to you.”

The practices of Scripture reflection and prayer are new for many people, but oftentimes trying something different allows God to move in a new way. “At the Practice, I’ve found an intimate community with a practical way of talking and listening to God,” Josue says.

If you want to try new ways to connect with God, consider attending the Practice! The Practice will meet on October 6, 13, and 27 and November 3.

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