Ministry Highlight: Putting faith into practice

“Who am I?” It’s a question we have all asked, but what happens when you start asking that in middle school? “Our identity is often shaped by the things we do and like,” says Gretchen Dedina, director of Elevate. “At Breakaway, we want to teach each student that their identity is about whose they are, not what they do—and that will lay a foundation that can change their entire life.”

At Breakaway, students get the opportunity to learn alongside their peers with the guidance and investment of an adult leader. More than 160 leaders spend the weekend away, leaving filled up with excitement for what God is doing. “Junior high can be hard, and the relationships they form are so important,” says Simon, an Elevate parent. “The opportunity to have adults other than their parents pour into their lives is a gift.” 

Elevate likes to show students that faith and fun can go hand in hand—especially at camp. Worship, teaching, and small groups are intermixed with a costume party, special eighth-grade late night, and table battle games. “Our prayer is that students can be confident that their identities are rooted in Jesus, not in their hobbies or interests,” continues Gretchen. “God isn’t asking them to give up the things they love, He simply wants to use them as a platform for sharing His love with others—and that’s when the transformation happens.”

Check out this video to learn “Why Breakaway?” and sign your junior-high student up today!

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