In A Word: Dave Piazza's Story

I’d grown up believing there was a God, but as an adult I hadn’t really been following Him. When my wife and I hit a bumpy patch in our marriage, we decided to give church a try. Our first time at Willow Creek, the pastor’s message was directed straight at each of us—at different levels. We kept coming back, and God became more of a conversation at home. One day while driving, I listened to “Amazing Grace” sung by my favorite band, Dropkick Murphys. And was just washed with a deep sense of God’s love for me.—it was like falling in love for the first time. I decided I wanted to be baptized.

I did a lot of thinking about my life. I made a self-commitment to stop drinking for the week leading up to Baptism. Tons of my family and friends came to see me get baptized—which meant the world to me. It was a great experience. The next day, God made it so clear to me that he didn’t want me to start drinking again. I was done.

It’s been 100+ days of no drinking, and my marriage and life has never been better. I’m still the same old Dave but I’m making better decisions. God is just a great force in our lives. We’re connected at Willow and our son loves coming to church. My parents come with us too.

Cool side note: I love cars, and all my life, I’ve dreamed of owning a Corvette. On my 100th day of not drinking, my dad and I found a 1978 Corvette in need of repair and we brought it home to restore. And just like I’ll be restoring that Corvette, God’s restoring my life, too.

In a word, my story is… RESTORED.

PS: My parents stood by me as I got baptized in March. They’ve been watching and encouraging my spiritual journey. And this past weekend, they, too, were baptized at Willow!

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