Heaven meets earth in two tangible ways this weekend

As humans, we’re all well acquainted with two of life’s physical routines: eating and washing up. And this weekend at Willow, we get to engage in two physical routines that hold spiritual significance: Baptism and Communion.

“Our Baptism services are my favorite services at Willow," says Matt Wright, Willow’s acting executive pastor. “People choose to be baptized as a way of going public with their faith. Symbolically speaking, we go under the water to represent Jesus’ death on the cross. When we come up out of the water, it represents our new life through His resurrection. When people come up out of that water, I absolutely love the looks of joy and freedom on their faces!"

If you haven’t been baptized since becoming a follower of Jesus, you can learn more here—then click a service time to register if you’d like to be baptized.

Communion, too, is a physical act that mirrors a spiritual truth. “We see the bread and juice that represent Jesus’ body and blood, which was broken and shed for us,” Matt says. “Just as food gives us physical life, Jesus’ death and resurrection offer us the hope of eternal life. And when we take Communion together, we’re sharing a ‘meal’ that is unique to Christ followers. It’s something significant that we do together as a community of believers.”

Both Baptism and Communion will take place during all services this weekend. “Join us to celebrate those being baptized,” says Matt. “It’s an inspirational celebration of lives forever changed.”

Note: Gluten-free Communion elements are available upon request. See a Guest Experience host.
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