Kingdom Come: The Lord's Prayer

Dear Enews Friends
I am so excited for this weekend’s kick-off of our new teaching series, Kingdom Come. We are diving into the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 5–7 to see what Jesus wanted every one of His followers to understand—and how it should shape the way they live their lives.
We're starting off with a message on the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:5–15. I often hear this prayer delivered with little passion or emotion. But I don’t think that’s what Jesus had in mind. Will you take time to read the passage in the next few days and ask God what He might teach you through it?
We are also launching daily devotionals and small-group curriculum to pair with the weekend teaching. Dig into the words of Jesus in your chair time and with your small group. I trust God will move in each one of us. Sign up here.
With you,
Steve Gillen
P.S. Student Impact is hosting a block party for all high school students this Sunday, October 7, in the F parking lot. They'll have inflatables, carnival rides, pumpkin carving, food, and live music. If you have a teenager or know one, encourage them to come! Learn more here.

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