Kingdom Come: Treasures in Heaven

Dear Enews Friends:

This weekend, we continue Kingdom Come with a message on treasures in heaven from Matthew 6:19–21. Jesus paints a compelling picture of where we should focus our time and energy, building up a kingdom that lasts—but it feels so countercultural to the messages we hear each day. Let’s learn to set aside the pressures for “more” and instead learn to invest in the movement of God in our world.
This past week, our Elder Selection Committee provided an update on their progress. They have started the second round of interviews and are blown away by the heart and skill set of each Elder candidate. Please continue praying for God to guide each person in this process. He is so evidently at work.
Steve Gillen
P.S. Elevate’s Breakaway camp is this weekend. Starting tonight, hundreds of middle school students will gather for a few days of fun, connection, and learning to listen for God’s voice in the midst of noise. Please pray for the students and their leaders, that God’s presence and love is tangible, and that He will do what only He can do.

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