Kingdom Come: Forgiveness

Dear Enews Friends,
Our Kingdom Come series continues this week with a message from Matt Wright on forgiveness. In Matthew 5, Jesus tells His followers not to offer a gift to God if they have any unresolved conflict with a brother or sister—that they need to first and foremost seek reconciliation. His call to forgive is crystal clear, but it’s incredibly difficult to live out.
We'll finish services with a time of Communion as a fresh reminder of the grace we first received through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. I truly believe the more connected we are to the forgiveness Christ showed us, the more we can forgive those who’ve harmed us.
Steve Gillen
P.S. Last weekend we offered a reflective resource called the Road to Peace to help process difficult seasons. It was built on a message given by Discipleship Director Rick Shurtz. I encourage you to dive into the teaching, reflect in the journal, and then discover upcoming workshops to go deeper. You can learn more here.

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