Kingdom Come Conclusion & Baptism Celebration

Dear Enews Friends,
This weekend, we conclude our Kingdom Come series with a message from Matthew 7:24–27. In it, Jesus compares two types of people: foolish builders and wise builders. The first man in the story built his house on sand, and the second on the rock that is the Word of God. When the rain, floods, and winds came, only the house built on the rock was left standing. This seems like a simple parable, but what does it actually look like to build your life on an unfailing foundation?
We are also celebrating Baptism at all three services. It’s an opportunity for those who have made the decision to follow Christ to declare it publicly to our whole church family. Together, we get to bear witness to God's transforming grace demonstrated in the lives of those who are getting baptized. I can’t wait to celebrate the work of God in our brothers and sisters. You can learn more and register here.
Steve Gillen

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