One Big Happy

Dear Willow Friends,

This weekend, we are launching a seven-week teaching series calledOne Big Happy—and it’s one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Over a month ago, we surveyed more than300 Willow attendees, asking about the challenges they experience in their families. Each week of One Big Happy, we’ll tackle some of the areas you said you need help in, like conflict, miscommunication, time and priority management, and both the positive and negative legacies that our families have left us with. Matt Wright kicks off this weekend with a message on family of origin.

This series isn’t just for parents or people in traditional families—we all come from a family, and many have friends we consider family. Whether you describe your family as “one big happy” or those words couldn’t be further from your reality, we’ll come together as a church family to face some of our toughest challenges, find hope and healing, and have some fun along the way!

I have one more update for you. This will be my last Friday enews. Starting next Tuesday, we will combine our Willow Weekly email and the enews, cutting back on the number of emails you receive and focusing our communication efforts in one place. The Willow Weekly will keep you updated on things happening in our church, and I’ll continue to share more on the direction we are headed. If you’re subscribed to the enew sonly, you’ll automatically be subscribed to the Willow Weekly. I hope you enjoy it!

With gratitude,

Steve Gillen


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