On the Journey Together

Dear Willow Friends,
Our Journey Through John continues this weekend! I've been studying a passage in John 11 about the death of Lazarus. In the story, it appears that Jesus arrives too late and is unable to save His friend. But most miracles point to a deeper truth about who Jesus is, and the resurrection of Lazarus is no different. I am excited to unpack it with you. 

Each week when I walk through our church, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the ways our staff and ministries support people in all places on their journeys, whether that's navigating parenthood, learning new rhythms in the wake of a loss, or transitioning from one stage of life to the next. Here are some events coming up that might help you:

As always, if you're in a difficult season and need help navigating next steps, we have pastors who will listen and pray with you. Feel free to call the church at 847-765-5000. We'd love to support you.


Steve Gillen

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