Taking Up the Servant's Towel

Dear Willow Friends,

We are halfway through theJourney Through John, and I’ve been amazed at how everyone is engaging in God’s Word. Did you know we’re running our first-ever virtual small group? People from around the world and across the US, along with some right here in our own community, are going through John together! If you’ve fallen behind, just jump back in. Today is day 15 of our journey.

This weekend, Danielle Strickland continues our weekend teaching with a message from John 13:1–17. In the passage, Jesus, the King of Kings, puts a servant’s towel over His arm. He takes the lowliest position and washes His disciples’ filthy feet as an example of how we are to live our lives.

We will unpack key ways to model our hearts, attitudes, and actions after Jesus—and discover how to step outside our comfort zones to serve those around us. We will also highlight the stories of some volunteers in our church who exemplify God's heart in the ways they serve. I’m praying we are inspired to view serving in a whole new way.

With gratitude,

Steve Gillen

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