Grateful for the Journey

Dear Willow Friends,

This week we began ourJourney Through John, and I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude. There’s something powerful about reading God’s Word with thousands of others, and yet something so personal about the ways God speaks to each of us.

We also had an all-staff retreat this week at our Crystal Lake campus.We’ve been on quite the journey together, and God is moving in our midst. It was an honor to worship alongside coworkers who are wholeheartedly seeking God, knowing He is taking all we have to offer and making something beautiful.

We continue Journey this weekend with a message by Jo Saxton. She is a gifted communicator who is passionate about helping people fall more in love with Jesus. I can’t wait to learn from her.

With gratitude,

Steve Gillen

P.S. If you missed the start of JourneyThrough John, the weekend is a great time to catch up. Follow the reading plan in the Willow Creek app, or click here to view our digital version.

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