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When I used to think about the process of creating beautiful content for weekend services, I imagined that I'd lock myself alone in my office with my journal and some moody background music, then I'd look out my window to my right—and that the words and visions and ideas would just start flowing, naturally and all at once.

Not the case.

When I think about creating content for our church, there is a filling that needs to happen: a filling of His presence, of His Spirit. A filling of His Word, His heart, and His voice. And in order to be adequately filled to overflowing with ideas that are all really His in the first place - I'm finding that I'm constantly invited to be open to all the ways in which He wants to fill and provide.

So often, in life, as it is with the creative process, that provision—that filling—comes in the form of collaboration with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Creation happens in community. It did in the beginning, and it still does now.

I'm so looking forward to this weekend's piece inspired by a story from 2 Kings 4. In this chapter of the Bible, we find a woman who's desperate for provision, and the prophet Elisha asks her to do some filling of her own. Her filling happens in community. And so did this piece.

This content didn't happen when I was alone in my office with my journal and some moody background music. This piece happened in collaboration, in community. Nick Benoit is a Creative Director here, by title. But he's also a friend and a pastor. He came to me with the beginnings of a script that told the story of this woman and this prophet. Then we sat down together outside by the lake and dreamed and wrestled through the next iteration of the content together, talking through tone and emotion and voice. I offered a part of my personal story to its structure, and it grew from there.

Every part of Fill This Too has happened in community, from the script to the voiceover track, from the video content for the screens to the rehearsing on stage.

What I find so powerful about this woman's story is the same power I've found throughout this process for this project in particular: When we're open and receptive to the limitless goodness of God that's found in the gifts He's given to others—whether that gift is a creative idea or an empty pitcher – provision happens. It's abundant and rich and so much better than we could've ever accomplished all on our own.

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