Elevate launches August 18/19!

When you pass by Elevate or hear the music down the hall, you might have asked yourself the question, “What are they doing in there?” As our team prepares for the new school year, I wanted to share with you what I see when I walk into that room.

Off in the corner is a group of boys who get there early every week to play basketball. Sounds like fun, right? But I see the leader who is sweating alongside them to build trust and memories with his guys. Between the trash talk and rebounds, the leader is checking in on how their weeks have been and about that friend they’ve been praying for.

Over on the other side, a few girls sit looking at their phones until their high school co-leader shows up bouncing in with laughter and joy. One by one the girls put their phones away, faces lighting up because their leader wants to know what is new.

At the doors waits a leader looking for one particular student. This week they reached out inviting them back to their group and so to make sure they felt welcome the leader said: “I’ll be at the door.”

In the midst of everything going on in Elevate each weekend, when I walk through our room, I see hope.

Hope because junior high students are being seen and known.

I’ve heard it said that before a junior high student can connect with a God who is crazy about them, they need to connect to an adult who sees and knows them.

In a world where middle school students are wondering who they are and where they belong, Elevate is here saying, “We see you, we want to know you—the real you!” The connections being built in Elevate between students and leaders matter, because we believe it is one of the best paths for students to feel seen and known by God!

This gives us hope!

So if you have a junior high student or you know one, our team wants to help connect them to an adult who loves Jesus and wants to help them feel known. We encourage you to invite them to Elevate now so we can get them plugged into a small group as they start their new school year! And church family, will you join us in praying for Elevate students and leaders? We are expectant for what God wants to do in our community this school year.

Elevate launches this weekend, August 18/19 at all three services. Learn more about Elevate here.

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