An Unplugged Serving Trip

Each summer, in partnership, Willow Global & Student Impact send more than 125 students to serve, encourage, and support our church partners in 6 countries.

For one week this summer, sixteen high school students traveled to El Salvador to build homes and relationships with people from a rural town in the western province of Santa Ana. As part of a Willow Global serving trip and teaming up with long-time Global partner Enlace, this team of teenagers unplugged from their typical summer routine to be part of something much larger than themselves. The team dedicated themselves to laying not just the physical foundations for homes, but the building blocks for a stronger community built on faith.

Led by a team of core adult leaders, these students spent a week building three homes alongside those who would soon receive them. Students bent rebar, built walls with cinder blocks, applied mortar, dug and sifted soil, while weathering the extended rainy season in Central America. Families from all over the community pitched in any way they could. Some provided water or meals for the workers, while others tried their hand at construction.

When they weren’t busy building, the team worked with Iglesia de Dios, the local community church, to visit families in the village, listen to their stories, uncover their day to day needs, and provide tangible goods to help sustain them during the rainy season. Meeting these needs opened doors for the team to pray, encourage each family, and lay a foundation of faith that the local church could continue to build upon.

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