Deeper into Philippians

Jesus Over ____
This weekend, we begin Jesus Over ____, a four-week dive into the book of Philippians. Each week, we’ll unpack the power of Jesus’ presence and promises over the trials and struggles we face. Here are some ways you can experience God’s Word in your community and your time with God:

Weekend teaching: Tune into WillowCreek.TV each weekend for a message that unpacks Philippians:

  1. August 8/9 | Dave Dummitt: “Jesus Over Sorrow” (Philippians 1)

  2. August 15/16 | Dave Dummitt: “Jesus Over Pride” (Philippians 2) 

  3. August 22/23 | Megan Marshman: “Jesus Over Everything” (Philippians 3) 

  4. August 29/30 | Albert Tate: “Jesus Over Discontent” (Philippians 4)

Willow at Home Groups: Experience the weekend service with your family, neighbors, or small group by starting a Willow at Home Group. Use our weekly study guides to continue the conversation and learn together! Learn more about Willow at Home here.

Devotionals: Reflect on Scripture each day with our daily devotionals. You’ll receive a passage to read, some questions to consider or journal on, and a guided prayer. Subscribe here or view them daily in the Willow Creek app.

Daily Office: As we seek to live the truth that Jesus is over everything, let's set aside time each morning, midday, and evening to soak in the Word of God. How might we cultivate a rhythm of silence, Scripture, and prayer in our lives so we are able to receive God's gift of joy in all circumstances? Learn more here.

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