Songs start with prayer

In creating a music project, writing songs is just the first step of many. After crafting melodies and lyrics comes the hard work of making decisions on how the written songs will live. What will the drumbeat be? What is the bass playing? What collection of notes will the guitars and keyboards lay down? How will these musical parts work together? All of these decisions are crucial in the making of a song.

At Willow, we are blessed to have an incredible team of musicians and producers. They are not only gifted, but are also diverse. From alternative rock to gospel, from classical to modern, our musicians and producers collectively carry a myriad of musical styles in their playing and writing. With such differences, it can be difficult to come to agreement on stylistic choices. Knowing this, the Willow Worship team took the making of “Hope is Not Lost” to Jesus on their knees.

Before drumbeats were decided on, and musical notes were chosen, the Willow Worship team started each working session in prayer, desperate for the Holy Spirit to have His way. They laid down pride and ambition to listen to each other, and most importantly, the voice of God. While there were moments of uncomfortable waiting and long hours of discussion, there were also moments of excitement and encouragement. We felt that God was coming through. We were learning the importance of surrender and unity. It was a sight to see and an honor to be a part of. 

“Hope is Not Lost” is a collection of songs that were written for the church family of Willow Creek. These songs are prayers. They are declarations. They are statements faith. Our hope is that God would be fully glorified for who He is, and that in His kindness would heal us and form us as we worship Him together. Hope is rising because Jesus is with us. We believe it. 

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