Flavors from Cambodia: Green Curry

I can never forget the taste of rich and buttery flavor of the green curry that I had at Phkay Proek restaurant last fall with our Willow Global Team in Banteay Meanchey province in Cambodia.

We were visiting local churches we’ve been supporting through our Cambodian partner Kone Kmeng that day and we stopped by at this seemingly random restaurant to enjoy fellowship over a meal. All the Cambodian food we ate during this trip was amazing, but the green curry they brought us was out of this world. Ever since I came back from this trip, I’ve been telling my wife how tasty the curry was because it was literally the best curry I have ever had in my life.

You need to know that I am Asian which means I’ve been having all kinds of curry dishes for the past 40 years or so. That being said, I think it’s my responsibility to share about this delicious dish with all of my fellow creekers, otherwise I feel like I might be sinning if I kept it to myself! 


Its impossible to recreate that dish perfectly, but this gets you pretty close!



For the Chicken Green Curry Broth

100 gr Chopped Chicken Breast

10 gr Lemongrass

3 gr Galangal

5 gr Garlic

5 gr Shallot

2 gr Kaffir Lime Leaves

5 gr White turmeric (replaceable with normal Turmeric)

5 gr Turmeric

20 ml Gluten Free Fish Sauce

10 gr Palm Sugar

100 ml Chicken Stock

100 ml Coconut milk

130 gr Khmer noodles or Rice Vermicelli


Vegetables for Garnishing

5 gr Long Beans

5 gr Banana Bud (omit if you can’t find)

2 gr Bean Sprouts

2 gr Cucumber

5 gr Water Lily Stems (omit if you can’t find)

2 gr Green Papaya

2 gr Ambarella Leave (replaceable with Basil or Parsley)

5 gr Watercress

5 gr Parsley

2 gr Yellow Pear Flower (or any Edible Flowers)


5 gr Lime, sliced

1 gr Chili, thinly sliced


1. Clean and cut the vegetables, herbs and Cambodian flowers.

2. Prepare ingredients to make chicken curry broth. Boil the chicken in water with lemongrass, galangal, garlic, shallot, Kaffir lime leaves for 30 minutes.

3. Separate the chicken from the stock you obtained. Blend lemongrass, galangal, garlic, shallot, Kaffir lime leaves with the turmeric and, when blended, add the cooked chicken and blend again.

4. Add this mixture to the stock you set aside and bring it to a boil, add fish sauce, palm sugar, chicken stock and coconut milk and boil for 20 more minutes.

5. Boil water in a small pot, and cook the noodles in it for about 5 minutes. When ready, place them in a bowl.

6. Pour the chicken green curry onto the noodle bowl and top it with the vegetables, fresh herbs and flowers you previously cut.

7. Serve accompanied with the condiments (chili for a spicy kick, lime for a sour twist).


By Kurt Kim, Kurt serves as a section leader and as part of our Global Advisory Board

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