In A Word: The Cassidy Vu Story

My childhood home was a mixed-faith family, with a Catholic mom and a Buddhist dad. But growing up, we didn’t really practice faith.

During nursing school, I was also working full-time, so  I was really busy—and then my grandfather died. I was really mad. I kept it to myself. I isolated. But I decided to check out Willow Creek. 

I researched Willow Creek online and messaged a section leader, who agreed to meet me for a weekend service. I was really nervous, but I went in. During the service, I heard about Alpha—this gathering where people can explore the Christian faith. And as I looked at Alpha’s  logo on the screen—this giant, red question-mark—it hit me. That’s my faith—a huge question mark.” So I signed up for Alpha.

The first night, I just sat in my car in the parking for 15 minutes before going inside. But once I went in, it was super casual. No one made me feel like I had to believe a certain thing. I thought I had to know everything, and had to read the whole Bible. But at an Alpha Getaway Weekend, I accepted Jesus into my life.

I’m a nurse now, and I feel called to take care of people on their worst days. Jesus is the Healer and that’s what I get to do every day at work. And that’s more than enough for me.

In a word, my story is… CALLED.

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