My Favorite Sermon

Dear Enews Friends,

This weekend, I get to preach from a passage in Luke that rocked my world almost 40 years ago. As God was performing heart surgery on me from this text, I prayed for a way to help others see what He was showing me. God answered that prayer by helping me with a sermon I have preached hundreds of times in more than 50 countries—and this weekend I get to share it with my home church! I can’t wait!

Additionally, our musicians are performing a mini-concert of all the music they have been writing this past season, and you would not believe how eager they are to have you hear it! So, contact a few friends and join us for what is shaping up to be a fantastic weekend!



P.S. I know many in our church have been praying for those affected by recent disasters in Puerto Rico and Mexico. This weekend, we'll share how God has led us to respond as a church.

P.P.S. Be sure to mark your calendar for October 14/15, our 42nd anniversary. It will be a milestone in our church history.

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