Bill's Enews: Weekend Riddle!

Dear Enews Friends,

What do you each possess that you take to church with you every week that rarely (very rarely) gets talked about in a sermon? Come find out this weekend as Steve continues our Game Changers series.

I will be celebrating with the Willow Crystal Lake congregation, which opened their new facility to more than 5,300 people last weekend. I can’t wait! On Sunday afternoon, I leave for Cairo, Dubai, and other Middle Eastern Global Leadership Summit sites for a two-week speaking tour. Prayers appreciated!

In closing, I wish you could have felt the energy around our senior leader circles this week. With the succession announcement finally in our rearview mirror, Heather and Steve led a dozen meetings about moving our church strongly into its exciting future.

God has fantastic things in store for us in the months and years to come!



P.S. Parents, don’t miss the post-service meeting this weekend for those who have kids in Promiseland. It will only take 15 minutes. You’ll hear about the heart and vision of Promiseland and the exciting changes coming with our remodel. There are great days ahead for the kids in our church!
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