Bill's Enews: Bethel Music and Baptism!

Dear Enews Friends,

Feel free to listen to whatever kind of worship music best connects your heart to God’s, but for the last two years, the team from Bethel Music has been a fixture in my spiritual practice. Rarely does a day go by without one of their songs assisting me in prayer and thanksgiving to the God I love. Some days I play their music in the background for hours as I do my work. I owe that team so much, and maybe you do too!

This weekend, Bethel is with us live for all three services. Come to more than one if they help you as much as they do me!

In addition, we will cheer on the activity of God as hundreds go into the waters of Baptism! I have the honor of bringing a brief message from God’s Word just before the Baptism begins. So why not send four or five emails and come with as many family and friends as possible for what promises to be a fantastic weekend!

I look forward to being back in my home church with you all after two weeks of globetrotting for the Global Leadership Summit!



P.S. If you are ready to make a public declaration of your faith, it’s not too late to sign up to get baptized this weekend. You can get more details here.
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