Bills Enews: May 26

Dear Enews Friends,

Each Memorial Day, we remember those who fought steadfastly and sacrificially for our country. My dad fought in World War II, and as a result, he made sure our family never missed a Memorial Day parade in whatever town we happened to be in over the holiday. He would explain to us every year that soldiers were willing to lay down their lives so that each of us could enjoy our freedom. These somber family talks had an enormous impact on my life, and I am glad we will pray for all of our military families during our services this weekend.  

Additionally, Steve Carter will teach the next installment of our Steadfast series. For those who attend on Sunday morning, we have a special guest. His name is Chris Lee, and he is in the Chicago production of the Broadway hit Hamilton. He will share his story about what God is doing in his life.

So join us! You will be glad you did!



P.S. Tickets are still available for the Hillsong United concert on Friday, June 9, and you can get them online here. The concert is part of the Justice Conference, which is being held on our campus. We know both will be great events!
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