We Celebrate Moms!

Dear Enews Friends,

We have tremendous women at Willow. Just look around church this weekend. There are young moms, single moms, grandmas, and great-grandmas. There are women who stay at home, women who home-school, and women who work as business leaders, CEOs, and board members. There are women who have kids by birth, women who adopt kids, and women who mentor and care for kids around them. Motherhood comes in many different packages—and this weekend we get to celebrate ALL of it!  

Bill is finishing a trip training church leaders throughout Asia, and we've heard reports of the powerful work God is doing. Bill will stream the services this weekend, but he is going to miss out on the fun of being here in person!

Our guest artist, Meredith Andrews, is a Dove Award-winning singer-songwriter. Our speaker is someone many of you know and love: Shauna Niequist. Shauna is an accomplished speaker and New York Times best-selling author. As she said in a recent social media post, she is excited and honored to be speaking at her home church, her very favorite church! I can't wait to hear the encouragement and challenge she'll bring this weekend.

We have a small gift for every woman who comes, and there will be many opportunities in the lobby to take photos with your family.

Men, don't forget that this is an important weekend for you as well. We are giving you a layup to honor the women in your life. We promise the service will be meaningful for you too. 

With joy,


P.S. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Celebration of Hope fund! If you didn't give yet, the fund is still open online, or you can bring your check this weekend. I know God is going to do extraordinary things through those resources this year.  


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