Bill's Enews: More Clarity + Lecrae

Dear Enews Friends,

I am writing you from a semi-warm place where my family and I have gone for 25 years to retreat and regroup. They all headed north while I am staying here to finish a writing project and to seek God’s guidance about the next season of my life. Prayers appreciated!

There are three reasons you should set your alarm for the time change and be on time for church this weekend. The first is that Steve will be teaching the next installment of our Power of Clarity series. The second is that two-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist Lecrae is returning to Willow for an interview in the main service and to inspire our students to live full-on for God. The third reason is that we will celebrate the sacrament of Communion, where we will remind one another that because of Christ’s atoning death on our behalf, our moral debt has been paid in full. It is going to be a memorable weekend.

I will attend a tiny Anglican church near where I'm staying, but my heart will be with all of you!


P.S. Be sure to mark your calendars for next weekend too. We’ll be celebrating Baptism, and we’ll turn over the first half of the service to our kids and students. They have quite a weekend planned for us all!
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