Bill's Enews: The Power of Clarity

Dear Enews Friends,

All week long, I have been receiving stories from people who understood the essence of the Christian faith for the very first time last weekend. Many said that once they grasped the richness of substitutionary atonement, they couldn’t wait to petition heaven to apply Christ’s work to their pile of wrongdoings. Hundreds of people marked last weekend as their spiritual birth date. Only God!

This weekend Steve will teach Part 2 of our Power of Clarity series, and he is raring to go. Steve will unpack Jesus’ clarion call for every sincere Christ follower's purpose for their one and only life.

Before I sign off, today is Billy Graham’s funeral service. I hope many of you will tune in for at least a portion of it. When you do, please say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for gracing our planet with Dr. Graham's life and ministry.


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