Bill's Enews: Reset: Marriage

Dear Enews Friends,

The senior leaders of Willow have been working diligently this week on the Forward vision you so generously supported at year-end. Huge progress has been achieved under Heather’s leadership. God is working! You will hear more soon.

In the early morning hours and late at night, God has been whispering to Steve about how to help every married couple in our church and community strengthen their unions. His message will be fresh, personal, and right from the text of the Book we all love. Please don’t miss it! And if you know any married couples who could use an infusion of help and hope these days, please invite them to come along with you this weekend. They will not be disappointed!



P.S. We have Getting Started this weekend after each service. It’s a quick gathering where Steve and Heather will connect with anyone who is new to our church and anyone who wants to become part of the 2:42 Community. Plan to join them if you want to take a next step in getting involved at Willow. 
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