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Dear Enews Friends,

I felt a bit uneasy typing those two words in the subject line. Steve and Heather are to be blamed for coming up with that title! I rarely feel like I know enough about anything to sit on a stage and pretend to have wise answers to tough questions. But when I was asked to take questions from the Willow congregation about family matters, I simply could not say no. When I just typed the word “family,” I could feel deep emotions stirring inside me. Lynne, Shauna, Aaron, Todd, Henry, and Mac are my ultimate small group and the loves of my life. I know that you each could type out the names of your family members, and before you reached the end of the list, your pulse rate would increase. Nothing else touches us that deeply. That is why we have declared as a church that we will fight for every Willow family in 2018 and going forward.

So this weekend, I will put a towel over my arm and attempt to serve the families in our church. Hundreds of questions have been streaming into [email protected] If you want to send yours in between now and when you come to church this weekend, Steve and Heather will read through each one carefully and determine which ones to pose to me over the course of our three weekend gatherings. I have been praying up a storm that God will guide my mind and words so I can be of help to all of you.

Our artists are fired up about this weekend and have serving towels over their arms as well. Additionally, we will be celebrate the sacrament of Communion.

So whether you are single or married, a parent or a grandparent, I think God is going to speak to us this weekend!

And if He doesn’t, I will blame Steve and Heather for everything!



P.S. This afternoon, high school students from all of our campuses will be heading to Blast 2018. Please pray for safety and for God to work in the lives of the 1,350 students and volunteers who will be part of this weekend!
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