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Dear Enews Friends,

As you all know, our entire country will take a step back this Monday to reflect on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is as it should be. As a church, we will honor Dr. King by doing what we have been doing for the past decade on this weekend: lifting up the value of racial equality and Jesus’ call to radical inclusivity.

I have put more than 100 hours into the sermon I will deliver this weekend. I will be heartbroken if this message does not deepen your appreciation for the son of a Baptist preacher from the Deep South who eventually became a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and a civil rights icon worldwide. How and why God raised him up is one of the key aspects of this sermon.  

That is all I am going to say at this point—except that in 42 years, I have rarely been as prepared to deliver a sermon as I am right now.

Please contact family members and friends and have them join you. It will be worth their time and yours.



P.S. One of Willow’s own, Chicago Bears linebacker and Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year nominee Sam Acho, will be with us live. We will also show a prerecorded interview with Sam and Chicago Bears Chairman George McCaskey, who have intentionally sought out ways to learn from each other. They will share three key experiences they had together that led to a better understanding of race, culture, and reconciliation.
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