Bill's Enews: 20/20 Rule

Dear Enews Friends,

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying the beautiful blanket of white outside your window! Bill is in Germany, so he asked me to write the enews today. He is not at all jealous of our winter wonderland right now, but I hear that God is working in a tremendous way at the German GLS. Imagine 12,000 Germans in a massive arena all worshipping in one loud voice! They also have six satellite sites joining in at the same time. Only God! Please keep praying for that event and our team there.

While we'll get through the worst of this snowstorm today, I know that cabin fever will start to set in quickly. It will be a refreshing break to gather and worship together this weekend. For those of you with young kids who are home from school today, I know they will be extra excited to get to Promiseland.

Lest you forget, the 20/20 rule is still in effect. Unless there are 20 inches of snow or the temperature is 20 below, we will still have church! We are hardy Chicagoans after all! We will have a great weekend together, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

With joy,

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