Bill's Enews: Merry Christmas!

Dear Enews Friends,

I wish all of you could have all been in church last night. We began our nine-service Christmas run. The music was fantastic! The Christmas story video was my all-time favorite, and the text that I spoke from was, in my view, the most impactful passage in the Bible about the Christmas miracle. Please turn over heaven and earth to get your family and friends to come to one of the remaining services.

Near the end of the service, I did a review of what God did through our church in 2017. Wait until you hear that riff—2017 was a banner year for our church! Thanks for the part you played, truly.

Finally, I am very grateful for the response of the Willow congregation to the challenge I gave last week to finish 2017 strong financially and to support Steve and Heather’s vision for 2018 called Forward! You are once again proving what I have maintained all along: You are the most generous congregation on the planet! Way to go!

This is my final enews of this year. Thanks for reading my weekly nonsense. Thanks for praying for our church and for the Hybels family. It means more than you could know.

Merry Christmas!


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