Bill's Enews: The Power of Two Words

Dear Enews Friends,

You hear me say it every year: “Celebration of Hope is Willow at its very best!” Watching our entire congregation all across Chicagoland pull together to serve the global poor is a sight to behold, and I can't wait for it to begin next weekend. It never gets old to me. 

This weekend, we will lay the biblical foundation for what we are heading into together, and you will also have a chance to pick up your Hope Boxes. These boxes are specially designed to help you fully engage in the three weeks of COH.

Steve has been working hard on his talk for this weekend, and he will remind us once again how the plight of the poor breaks the heart of God. We will learn the stunning two-word challenge God gave the Hebrew people before they entered the Promised Land. These two words deeply shaped the Hebrew people, they shaped how the Church engaged with the world, and they still have the power to change how you interact with every person your eyes meet.  
To top that off, our artists have put together a beautiful opening set that will prepare your hearts for the message. 

So please join us—and maybe invite your Easter guests to come back for a second visit. Who knows what God might do?



P.S. Lynne and I will be heading into the city to join in the celebration of Willow Chicago moving into its new building. After being in rented facilities for 11 years, the Chicago congregation can’t wait to worship in their new permanent home. Only God!
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