A Place to Worship Free of Fear

Cornelius & Stephanie Mack, proud parents of a Special Friends adult, share about their experience

Our son Cameron began attending Willow Creek Special Friends in 2015. He has loved attending services specifically designed for him.

Special Friends has embraced Cameron and continually teaches him how special he is to God. The community is also showing how important it is to learn about Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.

Cameron says that his favorite part of the ministry are the coloring activities along with the arts and crafts. He loves how beautifully God has created and painted our world. As parents, Special Friends has changed our lives. Willow has created a sacred space for our son and others with special needs to engage in worship, learn the truth of God's Holy

Word, and to be accepted just as they are. The ministry allows us to worship and connect without fear or worry that there is no place in God's house for our son.

We can't begin to express how thankful we are for the Special Friends ministry, its phenomenal leaders, and all the wonderful volunteers who truly demonstrate the heart of God every weekend.

Many blessings to Special Friends now and always.

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