A Note From Steve

Willow Friends,

This weekend I get the opportunity to wrap up We Are Here—it’s been a great journey! During “Here to Share,” you’ve written down the names of people you’re praying for and placed them on walls throughout the auditorium and lobby. These are people we know whom we desperately want to experience God’s love. Would you take some time to look at the walls and pray for the names you see? You can continue adding names to the wall through Christmas, and my prayer is that many of those people will be sitting by your side at a Christmas service. 

We also have a few learning opportunities to help you in your relationships. The RELATE podcast began its second season with a focus on “The Me in We.” Subscribe and listen to discover how to be a good friend but also make room in relationships for others to care for you.

For those who are married, you may have seen how much your family history, beliefs, and wiring impact your relationship. The more you and your spouse understand yourselves as individuals, the more you can honor your differences to cultivate a marriage that honors God and brings you closer to Him—and each other. For six weeks at Unpacking Us, you have the opportunity to do just that. The workshop starts October 14. I encourage you to sign up!

With gratitude,


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