A Note From Steve

Willow Friends,


It’s been a busy few months at Willow, and I’d like to take a moment to share some highlights. Over the summer, we set two goals for the fall: help our church go deeper in faith and community, and provide opportunities to invite our neighbors into our church family. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the ways staff and volunteers have gone above and beyond in each of these areas. 


The We Are Here series provided new ways to connect with God through serving, worship, prayer, inviting, and Scripture reflection; GroupLaunch helped hundreds get in transformative community; the RELATE podcast and God Use This event gave practical training on having healthier friendships that share God’s hope; Unpacking Us helped couples connect in their marriages and pursue God in their relationships.


We kicked off the NFL season with a watch party as an easy invite in our new Atrium; the Job Fair met a tangible need in our community by providing job opportunities for dozens who had never been to Willow; more than 1000 people ran the 5K, 300 for the first time; Jeremy Courtney’s Love Anyway Tour held an open conversation with the community about some of our world’s toughest problems; and most recently, we hosted a Trunk-or-Treat event and filled our parking lot and building with decorated cars and  games for kids and families to enjoy.


It’s been busy, but it’s been so fun to watch you pursue Christ and then roll up your sleeves to serve and welcome our friends and neighbors. I’m praying God uses each one of these events—and all of our programs, services, and ministries—to show people His love and heart for them. 


With gratitude,




P.S. Elevate’s Breakaway camp is this weekend. Please take a moment to pray for the students and leaders who are attending—that they will experience God’s presence and goodness as they discover who He made them to be.

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