A Note From Steve

Willow Friends,

We just began Journey Through Philippians, and I am excited to see what God does as we engage in His word as a whole church—all locations, including kids, students, and adults. Journey is designed to help you meet with God each day, then process with your family and friends. My kids wanted our family to be a small group, so each night at dinner, we share our thoughts on that day’s reading so that we can learn from each other. If you’re not in a small group, just look and see who is around you, and set aside time to be intentional together.

If you didn’t get a Journey book yet, you can sign up to receive emails here or download PDF versions of all books here. There’s also a podcast to give you a more in-depth look at the Scripture. 

Today’s reading explored how Paul’s imprisonment served to advance the gospel when many thought it would hinder it. It gave him the chance to share with others who wouldn’t otherwise hear the Good News. That’s my prayer for our church family: that whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, may we be on the lookout for chances to share the hope we have in Christ. 

With gratitude,


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