A Note From Steve

We began the final installment of We Are Here last weekend with a focus on sharing our faith. Our church was born from the idea that faith is for everyone—that Jesus died so that all could experience life in Him—and all should have a place to explore and ask questions. I am praying that our invitational spirit will rise as we welcome people into a church family that is not perfect but is a witness to God’s goodness and faithfulness. 

In the Main Lobby, now through Christmas, you’ll see walls with stickers on them, each with a name of a person who someone is praying would come to know Christ. Please take time to pray for the names on the walls—and consider adding the names of people you want to share faith with.

With gratitude,


P.S. Our church has also had a long history of developing leaders and pastors, then sending them out to invest in churches across the country and world as God leads. Delwin and Ashlee Eiland and Jared Wilkins have served Willow well for years, creating spaces where people could encounter God and grow. The Eilands are heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan to serve as teaching pastor and worship pastor, and Jared accepted a role as a lead pastor in Southern California. We want to thank them and send them off at a post-Midweek reception this Wednesday, October 2, in the Garage. I hope you’ll join and pray for their families as they transition and take on these new roles!

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