A Note From Steve

I have two children—one in high school and one in middle school—and I have seen the excitement and fear that come with transitions. Last fall, they both started in new schools and moved up in Impact and Elevate at church. The ways their leaders and small groups invested in them helped ease the challenges of those transitions and showed them a tangible expression of God’s love.
This weekend is a big one for Elevate and Impact. The fifth graders are moving up from Promiseland and entering Elevate, and the eighth graders are heading to Impact. These students will now find themselves the youngest among their peers, learning new rhythms and meeting new people. Will you take some time to pray for them?
And if you have a student who is moving up this weekend, I encourage you to give them some grace—and give yourself some grace too. Find ways to connect and ask your kids questions, but be patient and create space to listen. I’ve found that doing a physical activity with my kids, like going for a bike ride, working in the yard, or playing a game, often helps them feel at ease to talk about this tricky season in their lives. Most of all, encourage them and call out the ways you see God showing up in their lives. 
If you volunteer in our kids or student ministries, thank you. The guidance and love you show our kids is one of the greatest gifts a parent can receive.
With gratitude,

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