A Note From Steve

The One Big Happy series has given my family and me great talking points for how we navigate our lives and relationships—both in our own family and with our friends. The one thing we keep coming back to is the importance of community. I’ve seen my kids develop connections with their friends who have supported them through the transitions of high school and middle school. I’m finding myself abundantly grateful for the circle of people who have surrounded and supported me through the triumphs and challenges I’ve faced as well.

I know a huge part of community is having space to gather, and the conversations around a dinner table or after a church service help cultivate those connections. Our Promiseland renovations are almost complete—the new staircase in the Atrium is opening in just a few weeks—so we wanted to bring the Atrium back as a place for people to meet. It will still provide a place to watch the service, but it will also feature more living room–style spaces for small groups, friends, and family to connect. I am praying this new space becomes one that helps build the kind of community we all need.

With gratitude,

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