A Note From Steve

Has this spring felt especially rainy to you? Me too! And you and I aren’t crazy. Chicago received a whopping 8.25 inches of rain in May alone, breaking all previous records. But at long last, we’re seeing some gorgeous, sunny weather. Our church campus is basically one big masterpiece of God’s handiwork these days—inside and out.

I’m seeing God’s activity in the lives of people all throughout Willow. I hear their stories, and it’s inspiring. During services this weekend, we get to see a tangible reminder of those stories as dozens of people are baptized. I love our Baptism services. There’s just something stunningly beautiful about people taking this step of faith in response to God’s activity in their lives. And we’ll share Communion together as well. Again, beautiful.

Join me this weekend as we celebrate the masterpiece of God’s handiwork.


With gratitude,

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